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Pharmanova introduces new line of cosmetics products

21st Nov 2020

Pharmanova introduces a new range of skin care pharmaceutical products that has transformed the lives of many Malawians....

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Safe Motherhood Initiative

21st December 2013

Pharmanova joined hands with the government to reduce the maternal mortality rate by reaching out to as many women and possible. It l provided materials and also a variety of our products, both the baby care range and cosmetics for the mother.

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Pharmanova sponsored Spelling Competition

15th April 2012

In trying to support the students in both primary and secondary schools Pharmanova joined hand with Unique Marketing in helping making the competition a success.

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Pharmanova Reached Out to Phalombe Cholera Victims

05th February 2013

Pharmanova went and helped both the victims and the rest of the people of Phalombe district when the Lake Chirwa dried up. Water guard, ORS, medicines were some of the things given to the people. Our Marketing Manager, Peter Makwana also showed and demonstrated to the people how to treat the water and making it safe before drinking.

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